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confident, widowed, male, Hollywood, United States







am looking for long term relationship

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Hollywood, United States

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Relationship: Widowed

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Age: 60


Seeking: female


Intentions: Long Term


Personality: Confident

am a man who celebrates life with a very balanced personality and lifestyle. I love to travel, read, exercise, and spend quality time with close friends. I love to laugh with a very good sense of humor. I thank God for each and every day as I arise, praying His will be while giving my all to enjoy life to the fullest. I believe in making room in life to relax, think, and have fun. I refuse to settle long-term for a boring job or doing something just because it's expected of you. Love is the same way. I know what real love feels like and I will not accept any imitations! I pride myself on not being the "Typical Man." I'm more honest and straightforward than most men. Just because I don't "wear my heart on my sleeve" doesn't mean that I lack deep emotional feelings; Yet, I'm deeply committed to my loved ones and the purposes I believe in. "I live very quietly." "I love completely and truly." "I share that I've built my walls to protect me, keep me safe." But those friends that I have shared my heart with have a piece of my soul. My walls CAN be scaled, the barriers MAY slide down, AS I'm on a quest for happiness.
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