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Saint George, United States

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Age: 34


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I am 29 yr old single female, no kids. Life has been quite good to me, but I always thrive to improve the things 
i can and still trying to accept the things i cant change.Not making less of anyone elses. I consider myself a 
positive person, always try to be ambitious and always, feel, where there is life, there is always still hope. 
I love life, and people. I have a good heart and soul, I am funny at times, but also can be serious. 
I am a compassionate type person and someone who i believe is creative and intelligent, also articulate. 
I am into honesty and I do not play games. I feel like life is too short for head game, it helps you reflect more on the importance of life, and the time we have here and, the importance of how we should treat other people. Also, being a sincere person, I look the same in others, loyal type people, who take value in friendships and respect them and the person. 
I love music, all kinds, except for rap, not to heavy with rap, but I do like some of it. 
I like some country, italian modern opera, classic rock, folk, and more.I love animals, and can't stand to see one 
suffer, same for a child. If people in the world, can't be good to them, why do they have them. 
I love looking at people that are happy, I hate to see people hurting. 
I feel we should all respect one another and think what if tomorrow never came? We would never be able to tell
 that person we hurt, I am sorry. Life is serious, people are important, how you act and treat things and people in your 
life, says alot about oneself. I think commuication is important and working things out together is best, instead of 
fighting. Nobody is better or worse then the next person, we are all created equal. I would like to meet someone, nice,
 sincere, loyal, someone who is understanding, and plays no games. Someone who takes value in everyday and life...and...
who is real.
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