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Always wanted a fireman!

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Ashley, United States

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I made the mistake of telling my boss I always wanted to date a fireman.  Something about them is a turn on. Well she made this wonderful profile and told me to fill out this part or she will. I'm kinda scared what she will write sooooo I guess I'll try it out and see what happens lol. 
I love life . Don't like being negative. I love kids. I love animals.  I'm a foster mom so I have a lot. Don't plan on changing that for anyone.  I am a big kid at heart love being playful.  I'm a hopeless romantic and I'm honest to a fault.  There you go ... that's me well the just of it . 
I'm 5'6 this dang thing will go 3 3 or 5 5 can't seam to get it to stay on anything else ! 
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